Greenwood Products

Innovative Solutions to Complex Problems

Over the decades Greenwood Products has been successful in designing tailored panels and customized wood products or value added wood services to meet the specific needs and applications of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our ability to match a required wood based product performance to an application for improved function, efficiencies, and costs has produced widely used products such as Boat and Bus Panels, Plydek and Panelam structural panels, and engineered acoustic panels that minimize vibration and reduce noise with our proprietary dB-Ply®.

Innovative Panel Solutions

Similar to its parent company Jewett Cameron, Greenwood Products has a history of innovation and crafting solutions to customer problems. Our extensive experience in panel products provides a rich history of applications, challenges, and aligned partners that have, and continue to meet a diverse set of panel needs.


Laminated panels 

Animal Confinement; Increased Wear Surface Requirements; Agricultural Products, Clean Room Panels, Non-Skid Surfaces 

Acoustic Panels 

Both Wall & Floor products and enclosures to mitigate the transfer of noise 

Construction panels & Lumber 

Concrete Forms, Specialty Furring strips, Fire Retardant Panels & Lumber 

Lightweight Panels  

Wood & Composite Based 

Fiberglass Reinforced panels 

Either thermally fused or encapsulated through an infusion process 

Jumbo Panels  

10’ wide X Continuous Length 

Sandwich Panels 

Including Ply-Metal & Foam Core 

Import panels 

Including Meranti, Okoume & Birch 

Complete Part Fabrication & Kitting 

Custom design and bundling of items 

Superior Panel Treatment

For panels, our safe chemical treatment offers additional protection against fungal decay, insect manifestation, and/or fire retardant that meets the ASTM standards 162 and 662. Products under our XL designation are third party quality control inspected and offer limited warranties.


Greenwood Products

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