Jewett Cameron Seed Co.

-- April 24, 2023--

Per immediate release:

The Jewett Cameron Seed Company, a subsidiary of JC USA, will be closing down operations on August 31, 2023.  The business firstopened in 1965 and we are proud to have served the agricultural community since acquiring it in 2000. We purchased a facility that would have closed its doors over two decades ago and supported the grower community the past 23 years.

Unfortunately, we have continued to experience seed processing and seed sales
price pressures combined with increased costs due to labor, site improvements,
and equipment maintenance stressing the continuing operations to a point where
ongoing profitability became extremely challenged.

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Standing as a longtime, trusted partner for the nation’s retail and wholesale seed suppliers, the Jewett Cameron Seed Company is headquartered at the northwestern head of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. With four individual cleaning lines housed inside our 13-acre facility, we clean seed annually to meet strict industry specifications. Acting as either a principle or agent, we also offer complete brokerage services between growers and seed distributors.

Combining pioneering, old-school values with new school processing techniques, our facility is turnkey.

We sell grass, clover, legume, whole grains, and livestock feed seeds for all your needs. Jewett Cameron Seed is open to the public - visit our Facebook Page: Jewett Cameron Seed Company | Facebook for updated pricing on all our seed products.

Annual Ryegrass Crimson Clover Common/ Hairy Vetches Oats/ Wheat
Perennial Ryegrass Red Clover Peas Rye
Fescue Grasses Arrowleaf Clover Livestock Feed Barley

The cleaning process involves air-screen machines, gravity tables, length separators, velvet rolls, debearders, spirals, and magnetic machines.
After processing has been completed, the seed is packaged, palletized and labeled for shipment.

Standards are regulated by OSU seed laboratory as well as privately owned labs for our seed testing. Purity standards usually range from 98 to 99.5% pure seed, and germinations are roughly at about 85 to 90%.

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